New Trends in Construction and Building
Building information modeling

Building Information Modelling takes into account the most crucial thing in a construction project: Collaboration. To put it simply, BIM refers to a collaborative method of working which is based on the generation and exchange of data and information between the various project parties.

Project management software

Like various other industries, construction has realized the potential of implementing a project management software. Real-time project management software has been continuously advancing in order to draw more insights from data.

VR and AR

Compared to augmented reality, virtual reality is a much more common tool in construction. It is often used in BIM. Its biggest benefit is the ability to provide virtual walk throughs in order to sell property and pitch architectural ideas to clients. The possibility to virtually show clients what their investment will look like beforehand, makes VR a very attractive technology.


Robotics and Automation have revolutionized various industries. Its arrival in construction has been slow but it’s here now and rapidly spreading. There has been much technological advancement made in robotics. One such example is MIT’s Digital Construction Platform which uses 3D printing to create form structures.


There has been much talk about Drones and the numerous advantages they provide to a construction project. It is extensively used in mapping the construction site (thereby gathering data of the entire site), reporting the changes and updates of the project to clients, and monitoring and inspecting job sites.

Modular construction

Modular buildings or prefabricated buildings is the development of a building structure off-site, and then transporting it to the desired site without compromising on quality. There is no change in building materials and supplies, and the job is done in less time.

Green construction

One of the most significant change observed in the construction industry is the growing interest in green construction. There has been a global change in the way people consume. Consumers have started to change their lifestyles.

In short, 2018 holds

A lot of excitement for the construction industry. From BIM to VR to Green Construction… we will see a lot of progress in all of these sectors. Lets keep a look out and see where the industry is next year.

Risk management plan in construction

Intense competition for available work
Expectation to produce a high return on all invested funds
Intense pressure to save as much money as possible as well as time
Consistently low margins and lower profits
A high number of litigation cases as well as disputes
Safety issues

Seamless Flooring Systems

For businesses, a consistent ground surface framework offers tremendous advantages over options, for example, uncovered cement or vinyl tiles, while not having any significant downsides beside - possibly a marginally higher establishment cost. Here are the benefits given by carpet flooring Columbus, OH.
Keep up Sterile Environments
Maybe, the most serious issue with a story with creases between individual tiles or different components is that each crease turns into a magnet for shape, buildup, microorganisms, and different contaminants. Keeping such floors genuinely spotless and sterile turns out to be practically inconceivable, especially without utilizing cruel chemicals which can harm the floor. At the point when there are no creases, there's no chance to get for contaminants to increase an a dependable balance.
Straightforward Cleaning
Consistent floors are very fast and simple to clean while requiring no exceptional cleaning operators. Anything from a customary mop-and-bucket, to cutting edge ride-on floor cleaners, will work fine. This is especially significant in wet spaces, where the floor may see a great deal of spills. Any fluid on the floor can be immediately contained and cleaned up. In this way, you won't need to stress over it saturating breaks or even conceivably into the floor itself.
Better Surface for Heavy Machinery
In case you're introducing a story for offices that utilization enormous gear, for example, forklifts, a consistent ground surface arrangement can spare you a great deal in upkeep costs! A tile-based floor can be effectively harmed by enormous apparatus. Everything necessary is one defective crease getting removed by the hardware. At that point, it's a cycle of patches and fixes that will never end. A solitary consistent poured flooring framework or surface faces overwhelming utilize much better.
Make Amazing Looks
A consistent sap covered floor doesn't need to be simply utilitarian, either. Alternatives, for example, metallic epoxy or even basic cleaned cement can make looks which are just as dazzling as many-sided tile work. You can dazzle your visitors with a sensational floor. In addition, appreciate the advantages that floor acquires your everyday work.


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